EMBA & MBA Courses

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HKUST offers premium Executive MBA and MBA programs for owners and executives from both family and non-family firms. The Center contributes to courses equipping participants with a necessary understanding of family businesses in the Asian context. The EMBA module on family businesses investigates the characteristics of both family and non-family firms, and analyzes the key differences between the two with emphasis on management, capital structure, governance, board structure, employment policy, and financial performance. The course also discusses key success or failure factors of a family business, and roles played by family and non-family executives.

The MBA program provides a dedicated career track on entrepreneurship and family business. The course on ‘Family Business’ is specifically designed for individuals who are currently working or are contemplating to work in a family business either as a family or non-family members. The material covered also gives greater understanding of the dynamics of family businesses for current or future private and investment bankers, accountants, and legal professionals.

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