Custom and Open Programs

The Center tailors custom and open programs for family business members and their service professionals to sharpen their understanding of Asian family businesses. Family businesses will learn good practices in managing their business and their family from leading academics and family panelists through interactive sessions tailored to address the specific needs of the participants. Professionals serving family businesses will acquire tools necessary for their practice of family business advising.

Custom Programs

The Center works with family businesses and professional firms to tailor programs for their members. Drawing on research and experience, the Center identifies the needs of the families or the professional firms. A designated faculty member and a program manager will work with the family or the company to prepare a preliminary program design. The programs will be taught by our faculty members, supplemented by seasoned practitioners as necessary. After the program, our Center will evaluate the program effectiveness and arrange necessary follow-ups.

Open Programs

The Center offers a select list of family business programs over the year. The programs cover a wide range of current topics including but not limited to characteristics of Asian family businesses, transition planning, family wealth management, family and corporate governance, professionalization, family dynamics, and entrepreneurship. The following program(s) is/are currently recruiting participants:

Period Program Target Participants
November 1-3, 2017 Family Business: Leading Generations of Excellence 2017 Family entrepreneurs from Asia and around the world, their family members, and their non-family executives as accompanied by the family principal
November 3, 2017 Family Office: A Powerful Tool for Succession Planning Family business professionals; family office executives; family business members  

Some of the prior programs organized by the Center are as follows: 

Period Program Target Participants
November 25-27, 2015 Family Business: Leading Generations of Excellence 2015 Owners, entrepreneurs and next generation members from Chinese and other Asian family businesses; Non-Asians who founded/manage/hope to expand their family businesses in Asia
June 16-19, 2014 HKUST-Campden IPI Wealth Management Program Business family members;
Senior family office executives